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The goals of SixtyGig.

My goal is to bring the feel of the vanilla texture pack to life in a more cartoony high resolution artwork. Why do I call it semi-faithful? It's not a true faithful texture pack. It won't be *exactly* like vanilla pixel:pixel like most faithful packs would be, it's still going to be completely my original work hand drawn from scratch. But it will be based on the vanilla texture pack. If you pay close attention to my textures, you'll notice I almost always use the same base colors and shapes of the original vanilla textures, only deviating where allowed without breaking the ultimate feel of Minecraft. A good example would be textures with very distinctive shapes like planks, chests, doors and bricks will retain their original shape/form, just redrawn into my art style.

The purpose of being faithful to the original vanilla blocks is simple, a lot of texture packs go wrong (in my opinion) by totally changing the basic design of the blocks, shaping them into another block style entirely. For example, the planks in Sphax's famous BDCraft, while beautiful, look more like box crates than MC style planks. While that is perfectly fine in a single player environment, I feel it's not good in a multiplayer environment. You want to know your builds look good with vanilla so everyone can enjoy your masterwork, not just you with your texture pack! With my pack, you won't have to switch back and forth!